Magnolia sieboldii bloom

Reeseville Ridge Nursery

We are a nursery growing plants adapted for southern Wisconsin, the Midwest and much of the Northeastern USA.  Most of our plants are young one to three year old seedlings and transplants.   We offer our many species that we grow to the retail lover of woody plants.  We also produce for the wholesale nursery trade and welcome your inquiries about larger quantities offered at quantity prices.

 At Reeseville Ridge Nursery, one of our goals is to provide good healthy plants to the public.   Here is our offering of both native and unusual exotic species for the enthusiastic gardener.  We know the plants we grow very well and will provide our customers with as much information as possible.  Our effort is to provide plants adapted to your conditions and sites.

We have extensive knowledge of many plant ecosytems of the USA, this allows us to suggest species likely to have been native to your area.  Great pleasure comes in helping restoration projects for wetlands, meadows and forests. 

Please take a look at Reeseville Ridge Nursery's plants offered on our website.  We do have many more species and cultivars in the experimental mode of production.  We welcome any Email with suggested species we might try growing.